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Virginia Online Computer-Based
Driver Improvement Clinics

Upon successful completion of our Virginia Online
Driver Improvement Computer-Based Program on-line
course, Virginia Drivers may be eligible to receive up to
five safe driving points. Safe Driving Points are assigned
for each full calendar year that you hold a valid Virginia
driver’s license and drive without any violations or
suspensions. In some cases, you may also earn safe
driving points by completing a drivers improvement
clinic. You can accumulate a total of five safe driving
points and you may use these safe driving points to
offset demerit points.

Although the Virginia
Online Driver Improvement Course
can be taken on-line, the final exam must be taken at a
Virginia Online Driver Improvement centralized test site.
A list of
Virginia Online Driver Improvement approved
test sites are
located on our course web site. Prior to
registering for the Virginia
Online Driver Improvement
course, verify that a test site is located in your local

Additionally, the following also applies:

Student Must Bring Photo identification To Test Site
Open Book Testing Is
NOT Allowed
The test may be taken only once per business day

Your court may or may not accept the certificate of
completion. It is your responsibility to determine if your
court accepts on-line traffic schools.

If you are a Virginia Licensed Driver under age 20, you
are not eligible to take a Computer-Based Drivers
Improvement Course to satisfy a DMV requirement.
You must satisfactorily complete a driver improvement
clinic that provides classroom instruction.

A computer-based clinic will not meet the
requirements of a Commercial Driver Improvement
When you complete  a Virginia Online Driver
Improvement Course, you will  learn defensive driving
techniques that can help you avoid and prevent
crashes. These eight-hourcomputer based  drivers
improvement online courses are offered at sites
around the state.
View our state approved test
locations for the site closest to you.
Virginia Online
Driver Improvement  
Online Driver Improvement
Drivers  Improvement Online
Call (757) 819 - 4841
The Virginia DMV has reviewed and
approved this Virginia Online Driver
Improvement Computer-Based Program.
"24/7" Online Virginia
Driver improvement
"24/7" Online Virginia
Driver improvement
Drivers  Improvement Online
"24/7" Online Virginia
Driver improvement